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TRACKERS for tracking what’s important!

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All of our Trackers are made of the finest biodegradable plastic. We apply no post processing to ensure that our Trackers are both down to earth and delivered as quickly as possible.


The Modern is our second model characterized by its squared edges and thicker wheels which kind of reminds me of Lembas Bread, but is not for eating. These are available for a limited time only, get them while they last!


The Classic is our base line product characterized by it's rounded edges and the fact that the black three digit one looks like Oreos. We don't call it the Oreo anymore, for obvious reasons, but we hope you will enjoy the Classic, just don't try to eat it.

Special Orders

These prints are not part of our normal line up but are prints that we've done on special request and decided to leave them on the website in case other people want to order them in the future.

Gift Ideas

These products were selected by our staff as being good to give for a gift to someone in your life who enjoys tabletop gaming, dice games, gaming accessories, or just counting things. Mark in the order comments that the item is a gift in case there are any problems with the order.


This is the place to find all of the products with the interlocking feature. This means that they all will be able to snap together in at least one way.


All Trackers are printed in the United States of America using PLA plastic which is biodegradable. They can be fully immersed in water and can withstand a wide range of environments but they will last longer if stored at a normal room temperature out of direct sunlight in a moderately humid room. The plastic will degrade faster if left in a place with lots of microorganisms so you may want to periodically swish it in a bath of warm soapy water. If for some reason you were to bury your Tracker in the dirt it should last about 6 months before showing outward signs of decay. If left in the sun the colors will fade over time as with any plastic. We have tried to make the design as durable as possible but since Trackers have only been around for a month or so it is still unknown how well they will hold up over time with normal use however, PLA plastic, when cared for properly, can last up to 15 years without breaking.

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